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Zealous review|Bikinis that didn’t bail on me

Let’s cut to the chase. My first bikini surfing experience wasn’t great. One bigger wave came, washed me and the bikini top was gone. I needed time to trust bikinis in the surf again. Seven years ago, in Germany, I stumbled upon Zealous at a surf and skate market. I was a beginner, prepping for an Indo trip, and needed a bikini that wouldn’t bail on me.

Zealous delivered, and that bikini became my reliable companion in warm waters. It wasn’t just about style; it was about trust. Fast-forward to this year, and Zealous crossed my path again. I tried out two of their new surf bikini models while surfing various boards in various conditions in Southwest France. As a surfer, it can be difficult to find a bikini that stays in place while shredding and looks good at the same time.

Summer surf in France

The Atlantic Ocean in France is a bit of a surprise bag – you never know what you’ll get. From mellow waves to sketchy shore breaks, everything can happen. The first bikini I tested was the mermaizing top with the cheeky bottoms. I put it on at a small day cruising along the beach on a mid-length. While paddling, nothing moved. The top stayed in place and I didn’t need to pull the bottoms back to the right place switching from sitting to lying on the board. The next session tested the staying-in-place on a next level, while trying to smoothly get out of the ocean at high tide in Seignosse. And of course it went a bit wrong, I went through a little washing machine and tada, no free nipples or gone bikini bottoms. Everything was still there just a bit sandy. The second surf bikini, with the dawn patrol top and melrose bottoms, was my feel good companion this summer. Its vibrant honey glow color lifted my spirits, and it felt fantastic to surf in. And the bikini top with a cross back also made a great performance as a yoga top while practicing under the iconic French pine trees.

Zealous Bikinis Review: Surfing Companions for Confidence and Comfort

Would I recommend the surf bikinis? Hell yeah. The one I bought in 2016 still looks great, I just outgrew it. Many other bikinis met their demise along the way, ravaged by saltwater. Let’s start at the core of the bikinis, the fabric. When you hold it, it feels soft yet reliable. The bikini bottoms have a band that you can tie, providing a sense of security that they won’t abandon you and float away into the ocean. Also, the coverage is nice. The models look great, but don’t have any awkwardness. Moving up to the top, the reliableness stays and some details come in. The mermaizing model has a beautiful tie back, which is sown together in the middle, so it holds the boobs in place. The dawn patrol model has a crossed back, which makes it nicely fitting and sporty. Besides the functionality, the look is great and the values of Zealous too.

The story of Zealous 

Zealous is a female-owned company. The founder, Marie, studied Textile Engineering in Hamburg and fell in love with Bali while studying for  a semester there. Marie then started creating something surfing women were longing for – reliable surf bikinis and surf-inspired clothing. The bikinis are manufactured in Bali, where Marie makes sure that the workers earn enough and she can support local family businesses. And at the same time, making the products more sustainable. 75% of our apparel collections are made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, and many products are made containing recycled polyester or nylon.

Zealous also stands for size inclusivity and offers a wide range for all different body shapes. They support women with gear to enjoy surfing, and that’s what I also experienced. The bikinis are great for surfing and allow you to have a great time in the water, focusing on the joy and adventure.

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