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WSL Fantasy| Who do you pick for your team?

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We’re approaching the start of the 2023 WSL season, and we’ve already started discussing who might win the world title and the first stop on the tour – Pipeline. From kooks to professionals, everyone can make a choice. Last year, I won a three-course meal. So surfing friends, it can be worth it to juggle with your knowledge of the Championship Tour. 

Who do you pick for your WSL Fantasy team? 

In WSL Fantasy, you call the shots: you get to pick your team that you think will do best in the women’s and men’s events. After each event you will receive your points, which will be added up until the finals day. Whoever has the most points after the WSL finals wins the Fantasy Leader Board. Each team consists of four female surfers and eight male surfers. The number of surfers you can choose for each tier is limited, as it is linked to the current Championship Tour ranking. The surfers in the different tiers change throughout the year. 


The surfers you select for each tier will receive points depending on their performance in the competition. The points they score in the heats count directly as fantasy points. So if your surfer gets 12 points in the heats, that’s 12 fantasy points. After the event, all your surfer’s points will be added up. 

Let’s play – Strange Seas League

All you have to do is download the WSL app and find our league Strange Seas Mag. You don’t have to know all the surfers by name, age and what surfboard they have. Join because it’s fun, at least from our perspective. Pick your surfers, maybe smile if you do well and if not, it’s just a game anyway. Let’s play and depending on how many players we get in our league, there may even be a prize for the best.



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