Self love – Valentine’s Day 

Credit: Roman Kraft

This day is all about relationship and love. And besides all the hype about roses, hearts and bae’s, it’s a day when a lot of doubts can come up. Thinking excessively about relationships and love can be overwhelming. It can be a day to spend with loved ones to reassure ourselves of the connection that exists. That being said, we should use this day to celebrate our own relationship with our being, our body and our spirit. It is important to maintain a positive relationship between body and mind in order to be healthy. And Instagram, toxic friends, and a surf culture dominated by body perfection don’t necessarily help with that.

Credit: Crystal de Passillé-Chabo/ Unsplash

So let’s dedicate part of today to self-love. This can lift your mood and turn this day from negative thoughts into a day of well-being. Self-care means taking care of yourself on an emotional, physical and mental level. This can be any activity that makes you feel good in all of these realms. Instead of looking for deficiencies you think you have or why your day is the way it is, focus on something you enjoy and feel good about. 

Pursue your favourite hobbies, write in a journal about all the great qualities you have and reach out to people you like. Spread some love that comes from within, without expectations. Direct thoughts of today into a positive light. And as easy as it is to write this down, I know it can be challenging. Love yourself, because you are amazing, and loving yourself opens more doors to love others. 

Said that, I am going surfing now. 

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