Frankie Harrer_video

Frankie – new video of an inspiring charging surfer and mother

I personally think Frankie Harrer is one of the most rad surfers out there. She gets heavily barreled, has a super cool style and travels the world with her daughter Yara alongside her partner. The Californian grew up surfing the South Coast before venturing out around the globe chasing waves. She just released a new video by Quinn Graham showing her amazing talent. There was not one second my eyes left the screen watching Frankie disappearing behind the massive water curtains. Click beneath to see the 11-minute banger.

Frankie Harrer is not only a role model for barrel surfing, but also shows that being a surfer and a mother can work. She might take the fear out of anyone who wants to start a family, but fears that this might be the end of a surfing life.

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