A Nazaré winter fairytale

Girl standing at the beach smiling.

Hannah Dürr tells us about her winter stay in Nazaré: Capturing Big Wave Riding through Photography and filmmaking.

Waves Within: A novel of empowerment in Bali

Women surfing on a wave in the ocean

Written by @inga_maria_panten Cover Image: Inga surfing by Shannon It started with a moment of frustration while surfing. I was with some girlfriends in the southeast of Bali, at my favorite spot at the time. A few years later, the Ritz Carlton was going to destroy the original wave to create a swimming cove, but […]

Zealous review|Bikinis that didn’t bail on me

A women in a surf bikini walking with a surf board.

Let’s cut to the chase. My first bikini surfing experience wasn’t great. One bigger wave came, washed me and the bikini top was gone. I needed time to trust bikinis in the surf again. Seven years ago, in Germany, I stumbled upon Zealous at a surf and skate market. I was a beginner, prepping for […]

Two weeks, thirty girls and twenty boards

Girls in wetsuits hugging each other. Girls Surfcamp.

Surfing can be a wonderful tool for personal growth. The Social Surf Club e.V. from Hamburg is a non-profit initiative that offers children, young people and adults a platform for self-discovery and healing through surfing and nature. Kim Naemi Birtel, one of the long-time members, gives insights into the Girls Surf Camp and interviews one […]

Why choose Yulex over petroleum-based Neoprene wetsuits

Two women holding longboards and wearing yulex wetsuits.

Wetsuits have been around for ages, keeping us surfers warm and cozy in the water. With the surfing industry booming since the ’90s, wetsuits have evolved, now coming in various sizes and thicknesses. Today’s value of the wetsuit industry is around $2 Billion USD. Most of these wetsuits are made of synthetic rubber called neoprene. […]

Back on the Board | A journey out of fear and regaining trust in the sea

We have all experienced that heart-pounding moment when a huge wave sweeps us along in the ocean’s washing machine, leaving us both breathless and electrified with a mixture of adrenaline and fear pumping through our veins. Sandra Winkelmann told us her personal story – how she regained her trust in the sea after a deeply […]

Fifth Tide | Two friends tackling bigger waves together

Lena Kemna and Christina Gindl, two friends living in Portugal, have discovered a deep bond that transcends the shores they call home. Their passion for riding bigger waves unites them and led them on a journey of training and developing the mindset needed to be out there. What pushes them forward is not only their own […]

Surfing as a tool for women’s empowerment

Frau mit Surfboard stehend an Land. Abendstimmung am Himmel.

“Femme Ocean is a documentary about women in surfing, where women from all backgrounds are invited to share their experiences and to discuss the power of sports impacting lives.” – Annika v. Schütz   How Annika’s journey started Text & Fotos by Annika von Schütz Since I was young, I loved to go out in nature […]

Surfings Transgender Athlete Policy: supporting inclusion

transgender policy

Since the WSL has announced their transgender athlete policy end of February allowing transgender surfers to compete in the division of their gender identity a huge debate arose.  Credit: City of Gold Coast/Unsplash The transgender athlete policy  The ISA released the policy first in October 2022 and was later on adapted by the WSL. The […]

Para Surfing on the way to the Paralympics

Johannes Laing-Para Surfing World Championships 2021

Surfing made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Sorry for the confusion, but Covid is known for turning things upside down a bit. With surfing’s inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the ISA is now promoting surfing’s inclusion in the 2028 Paralympics in Los Angeles. As the president of the ISA Fernando […]