Subzero contest in Poland – thick wetsuits and cold waves

Coldwaves by Porsche - subzero contest - Wojtek Antonow

Would you go surfing at a water temperature of 2 degrees?  Well, 35 of the best cold-water surfers from all over Europe just did in Wladyslawowo in Poland, an hour’s drive from Gdansk. The competition, called Coldwaves by Porsche, was an invitational event that brought 23 men and 12 women together for a day on […]

The 5 best surf podcasts

The 5 best surf podcasts to keep your ears salty - Angelika Graf

Credit | Angelika Graf & layday layday Surfing is, for most people that got hooked, more than just a sport. It becomes a way of life. And so there is always a craving for stories and content about surfing. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, there’s […]

Jaw-dropping video from Malia Manuel


Malia Manuel takes us around the world to mesmerising places in her new 15-minute movie, directed by Morgan Maassen. The former World Tour Surfer dances with Humpback Whales under water, watches elephants picking fruits and rides some stunning waves in dreamy settings. The whole edit is quite hypnotising and ignites the wish to travel. ”Last […]

Self love – Valentine’s Day 


Credit: Roman Kraft This day is all about relationship and love. And besides all the hype about roses, hearts and bae’s, it’s a day when a lot of doubts can come up. Thinking excessively about relationships and love can be overwhelming. It can be a day to spend with loved ones to reassure ourselves of […]

WSL Fantasy| Who do you pick for your team?

Tatiana_Weston_Webb WSL Fantasy

Credit: World Surf League We’re approaching the start of the 2023 WSL season, and we’ve already started discussing who might win the world title and the first stop on the tour – Pipeline. From kooks to professionals, everyone can make a choice. Last year, I won a three-course meal. So surfing friends, it can be […]

Luke Shepardson wins the Eddie

Eddie Aikau_winner

The win of Luke Shepardson, a City Council lifeguard, has been nothing less than a big wave fairytale. He scored a total of 89 points out of a 90-point maximum (three waves each with a 30-point max scoring). With this excellent scoring, he kept John-John Florence from becoming the ever-back-to-back winner of the event. On […]

Frankie – new video of an inspiring charging surfer and mother

Frankie Harrer_video

I personally think Frankie Harrer is one of the most rad surfers out there. She gets heavily barreled, has a super cool style and travels the world with her daughter Yara alongside her partner. The Californian grew up surfing the South Coast before venturing out around the globe chasing waves. She just released a new […]