Krystle Wright wins the Red Bull Illume photo comp 2023

Krystal Wright, an accomplished Australian photographer, secured a historic win in the Red Bull Illume 2023 photo competition with her captivating shot of climber Angela VanWiemeersch hanging over an illuminated crack in Long Canyon, Utah. Wright became the first female photographer in 17 years of Red Bull Illume to claim the overall win in the […]

The Purple Beach Flag

purple flag at the beach blowing in the wind.

The purple beach flag is not as well-known as its red, yellow or green counterparts. But it does sometimes make an appearance at the beach. This article will dive into the various meaning of the purple flag, so the next time you’ll know what’s happening in the water when you see the purple flag swaying […]

Waves Within: A novel of empowerment in Bali

Women surfing on a wave in the ocean

Written by @inga_maria_panten Cover Image: Inga surfing by Shannon It started with a moment of frustration while surfing. I was with some girlfriends in the southeast of Bali, at my favorite spot at the time. A few years later, the Ritz Carlton was going to destroy the original wave to create a swimming cove, but […]

Summer get together

A table with a picknick set-up and surfboards in the background.

If you had asked me what I was longing for this summer, the answer would have been: An evening at the beach talking about surfing and meaningful topics that go beyond the surface. And what is the best way to satisfy that longing – to organise it yourself. So the Strange Seas Summer Session was born […]

Fifth Tide | Two friends tackling bigger waves together

Lena Kemna and Christina Gindl, two friends living in Portugal, have discovered a deep bond that transcends the shores they call home. Their passion for riding bigger waves unites them and led them on a journey of training and developing the mindset needed to be out there. What pushes them forward is not only their own […]

El Niño | How it might affect our surf

Big wave peeling perfectly to the left.

It’s in everybody’s mouth: El Niño. The weather phenomenon occurring every two to seven years that likes to shake things up everything is making its way back into the spotlight. According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), La Niña has ended after a three-year run, currently leaving the tropical Pacific in a neutral state (neither […]

Surfing as a tool for women’s empowerment

Frau mit Surfboard stehend an Land. Abendstimmung am Himmel.

“Femme Ocean is a documentary about women in surfing, where women from all backgrounds are invited to share their experiences and to discuss the power of sports impacting lives.” – Annika v. Schütz   How Annika’s journey started Text & Fotos by Annika von Schütz Since I was young, I loved to go out in nature […]

Ebb and Flow: Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water


Text written by Easkey Britton  On 11th April my third book Ebb and Flow: Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water was released. A bit of background, I’m a surfer, writer, artist, film-marker and marine social scientist, with a PhD in Environment and Society. A life-long surfer, I was taught to surf at the […]

Surfings Transgender Athlete Policy: supporting inclusion

transgender policy

Since the WSL has announced their transgender athlete policy end of February allowing transgender surfers to compete in the division of their gender identity a huge debate arose.  Credit: City of Gold Coast/Unsplash The transgender athlete policy  The ISA released the policy first in October 2022 and was later on adapted by the WSL. The […]