Krystle Wright wins the Red Bull Illume photo comp 2023

Krystal Wright, an accomplished Australian photographer, secured a historic win in the Red Bull Illume 2023 photo competition with her captivating shot of climber Angela VanWiemeersch hanging over an illuminated crack in Long Canyon, Utah. Wright became the first female photographer in 17 years of Red Bull Illume to claim the overall win in the largest action sports contest. With a longstanding reputation in adventure, expedition, and action sports photography, Krystal has consistently pushed industry limits. With emotional words, she started that she thought her career was over this year. “I thought I was done. So this is an incredible bonus. We believe in ourselves so fucking much, so having a platform that can recognise and celebrate what we do really means a lot.” Wright’s winning shot is one of the ten breathtaking photos and videos that snagged awards at the Red Bull Illume Winner Award Ceremony in Sölden, Austria. The ski resort in the Alps hosted the ceremony for the first time, surrounded by workshops and side events featuring Red Bull Illume partners Canon, MPB, Radiant Photo, and COOPH. The event brought together some of the greatest adventure and action sports photographers, including past champions Fred Mortagne, Lorenz Holder, and Ben Thouard, who also shared inspiring knowledge in pre-award ceremony talks. It was one special gathering of creative minds and adventurers celebrating the raddest moments captured through the lens. The winning images were selected blind by a jury of 50 judges from the action sports and media industry without knowing the photographer or any background information about the shot. The finalists shots from all categories will be displayed in exhibitions throughout Europe, including Sölden, Berlin and Salzburg. Emerging Category by Canon “I think this is one of my favorite photos as it included a bit of everything. To get to the waterfall you had to drive two hours, walk ten minutes and then to take this photo I had to do a 15 meter rappel as the waterfall is in a deep canyon. To get in the position I wanted, the only way to get there was to rappel in. With Kilian, we have been filming and looking for places for a couple of years now and continuing to do these missions with him is one of my favorite things to do.” – Gonzalo Robert Rarraguez Energy “One of the most extreme days at the incredibly challenging Shipstern Bluff on a remote stretch of coast in Tasmania Australia. The irregular bathymetry creates steps in the wave that adds to the unpredictably and creates a spectacular platform at the base of passive imposing sea cliffs. Local legend Jimmy McKean navigates a series of irregular steps in the face of a giant southern ocean swell. The steps are somewhat unpredictable and add to the precarious nature of one of the world’s most spectacular and dangerous waves.” – Ted Grambeau Innovation by MPB “Turns out by slowing down life and embracing boredom again into my life, my dreams have come back that ignite new passion projects. One day as I was driving to my local crag, an idea hit me like a lightning bolt where I conjured the concept of illuminating a crack from within on an iconic trad climb. After all, the crack is the feature of trad climbing and I wanted to search out the perfect fissure. Moab UT has always brought me back time and time again and teaming up with Angela VanWiemeersch, we found ‘Seventh Serpent’ in Long Canyon. As per usual, my timing is atrocious and a heat wave had descended onto Moab which meant we only had a few precious shaded hours in the afternoon to rig the lights into the crack. I’ll always be a nervous wreck in these situations but when I raced back across the canyon to set up my position to capture, what a spectacular feeling it was to witness the crack come alive as the darkness enveloped around us.” – Krystle Wright Raw “This was for me one of the most difficult shots to take. In a windy week, a lot of larch in the valley were losing their thorns. So we were looking for the most beautiful larch around Briançon in France, and fortunately came across this magnificent tree with the waterfalls as a backdrop. Everything was perfect. We came in the morning to create a jump, then had to find a yellow sweater for Arthur that would perfectly match the tree! I hooked a flash on a drone and had it flown over the jump and the tree, the drone fell several times due to the wind and the flash weight. Our shot window was very short, I absolutely wanted to have the waterfalls in the background while having the tree and Arthur well lit by the flash. A single test allowed us to have all the conditions united in a single perfect shot.” – Léo Grosgurin Masterpiece by Sölden “La Muralla Roja is a huge apartment complex in the Spanish town Calp and was built by Ricardo Bofill in 1969. This building is just a miracle itself – there are stairs, small corridors, platforms and concrete walls everywhere and it’s very easy to lose orientation. The building is divided in different zones that are all colored differently in pastel tones, but work together beautifully. Just walking through this masterpiece is breathtaking and you feel instantly transferred into a different world. For Senad and I, this was just an playground with almost unlimited spots and opportunities, where we both could live out our creativity. For this shot, I wanted to show the variety of pastel colors and different structures and compose this with an BMX-trick of Senad with the right balance of architecture and action sports. We had to wait a little bit, till the sun was at the right place, to illuminate all the scene pretty equally, so the colors of the building would show its full potential without having shadows within the image.” – Lorenz Holder

The 5 best surf podcasts

The 5 best surf podcasts to keep your ears salty - Angelika Graf

Credit | Angelika Graf & layday layday Surfing is, for most people that got hooked, more than just a sport. It becomes a way of life. And so there is always a craving for stories and content about surfing. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, there’s always something new to learn about the world of surfing. There are great surf podcasts out there, that help you to stay informed and be inspired. The following surf podcasts cover a wide range of topics through storytelling and interviews. From contest surfing, over the surfer lifestyle to ocean environmentalism. For many years, surf podcasts were hosted and produced primarily, if not exclusively, by men. The good news is that there are more and more podcasts hosted and produced by women. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best surf podcast and give you a little insight. The order is randomly chosen. 1. The Double Up Podcast by Rachael Tilly and Shannon Hughes The Double Up podcast is hosted by longboard champion Rachel Tilly and pro surfing commentator Shannon Hughes. The podcast focuses on a variety of topics around women’s surfing, including interviews with other professional surfers, discussions on surfing culture, and tips for improving your surfing skills. Rachel and Shannon take on important topics in the women surfing world such as inclusion, gender equality and sustainability. 2. Waterpeople Podcast by Lauren L. Hill and Dave Rastovich The Waterpeople Podcast is a surfing podcast hosted by two well-known surfers and activists, Lauren L. Hill and Dave Rastovich. The podcast explores a wide range of topics related to surfing, including interviews with professional surfers, discussions on surfing culture, and insights into the latest developments in the sport. In addition to surfing, the hosts also touch on important social and environmental issues related to ocean conservation, sustainability, and climate change. The Waterpeople Podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the world of surfing and how it intersects with broader social and environmental issues. 3. The Line-Up Podcast with Dave Prodan The Line-Up podcast is produced by the World Surf League and hosted by Dave Prodan. It features interviews with professional surfers, industry insiders or other figures from the surfing world. The topics mainly spin around surf competition, surf culture and the evolution of the sport. Besides the interviews, there are roundtable discussions with Prodan’s co-workers from the WSL around the latest developments in professional surfing. The Line-Up offers a unique insight into professional surfing and you might see some surfers a bit different after listening to their thoughts and stories. 4. The Salted Spirit by Stacie Vanags Stacie Vanags created the Salted Spirit Podcast to have conversations with the “adventurous water women crushing the female status quo, and living life on their own terms”. The surf podcast covers topics about mental, physical and emotional health in and out of the water. And it also delves into social and environmental issues related to ocean and coastal communities. It connects to an international community of water women ranging from surfers to freedivers and ocean researchers.   5. Confessions of a Surf Lady by Laura Day Laura Day is a Southern California based surfer who started the podcast Confessions of a Surf Lady one year ago. The podcast focuses on the experiences of women in the male-dominated world of surfing, and offers a platform for female surfers to share their stories and insights. Each episode features interviews with different female surfers from around the world. The podcast is a great resource for female surfers who want to connect with other women in the surfing community and gain insights and inspiration to help them improve their surfing skills and build their confidence in and out of the water.   If you feel we forgot a podcast that is crucial for this list sent us a message! We acknowledge that there are many other amazing podcasts in English and also other languages.

Self love – Valentine’s Day 


Credit: Roman Kraft This day is all about relationship and love. And besides all the hype about roses, hearts and bae’s, it’s a day when a lot of doubts can come up. Thinking excessively about relationships and love can be overwhelming. It can be a day to spend with loved ones to reassure ourselves of the connection that exists. That being said, we should use this day to celebrate our own relationship with our being, our body and our spirit. It is important to maintain a positive relationship between body and mind in order to be healthy. And Instagram, toxic friends, and a surf culture dominated by body perfection don’t necessarily help with that. So let’s dedicate part of today to self-love. This can lift your mood and turn this day from negative thoughts into a day of well-being. Self-care means taking care of yourself on an emotional, physical and mental level. This can be any activity that makes you feel good in all of these realms. Instead of looking for deficiencies you think you have or why your day is the way it is, focus on something you enjoy and feel good about.  Pursue your favourite hobbies, write in a journal about all the great qualities you have and reach out to people you like. Spread some love that comes from within, without expectations. Direct thoughts of today into a positive light. And as easy as it is to write this down, I know it can be challenging. Love yourself, because you are amazing, and loving yourself opens more doors to love others.  Said that, I am going surfing now.