The Purple Beach Flag

purple flag at the beach blowing in the wind.

The purple beach flag is not as well-known as its red, yellow or green counterparts. But it does sometimes make an appearance at the beach. This article will dive into the various meaning of the purple flag, so the next time you’ll know what’s happening in the water when you see the purple flag swaying […]

Why choose Yulex over petroleum-based Neoprene wetsuits

Two women holding longboards and wearing yulex wetsuits.

Wetsuits have been around for ages, keeping us surfers warm and cozy in the water. With the surfing industry booming since the ’90s, wetsuits have evolved, now coming in various sizes and thicknesses. Today’s value of the wetsuit industry is around $2 Billion USD. Most of these wetsuits are made of synthetic rubber called neoprene. […]

El Niño | How it might affect our surf

Big wave peeling perfectly to the left.

It’s in everybody’s mouth: El Niño. The weather phenomenon occurring every two to seven years that likes to shake things up everything is making its way back into the spotlight. According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), La Niña has ended after a three-year run, currently leaving the tropical Pacific in a neutral state (neither […]

Ebb and Flow: Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water


Text written by Easkey Britton  On 11th April my third book Ebb and Flow: Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water was released. A bit of background, I’m a surfer, writer, artist, film-marker and marine social scientist, with a PhD in Environment and Society. A life-long surfer, I was taught to surf at the […]

Threatened bubble butt | The dying Baltic Sea

Threatened bubble butt - dying Baltic Sea

Foto: Mats Heitzmann Big butts are out of fashion, and that finally gives me a bit of hope. Maybe we are approaching the point where women’s bodies are simply accepted as they are. In the case of this starfish with the bubble butt, we are not dealing with a controversial beauty trend, but with climate […]

Why the sea makes us feel good

why the sea makes us feel good

When we are at the seaside, we just feel good sitting by the sea or being in the water. Have you ever wondered why it actually feels so good? Most of the time we don’t think about what actually happens to our thoughts, feelings and bodily functions when we are near bodies of water. Or […]